Penta Life

Penta Life

We, at penta-b, aim to achieve the perfect balance between work and social life, we believe stressed and overworked employees have no room for creativity.

Social Life

Penta is what it is today because of our heroes, and our heroes inspire us every day to do better. Penta is our home and our team is our family. Every delivery is always a good memory, we might get stressed in such moments, but we always look back on such moments and smile.

Our environment is our 1st attraction and our most important valuable asset. We choose our team carefully and assure they blend peacefully into our family. This is also considered in our office space, we have agile working spaces, some other personal spaces, open air spaces, casual spaces, fun hub, swings and a hammock.

We have a lot of joyful moments, have a look on how we socialize, hangout and work and if you want to be part of that, join us and check our careers’ structure and open vacancies.

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Haitham Harras

Co-founder and CEO at penta-b

“ Our environment is our 1st attraction and our most important valuable asset. We choose our team carefully and ensure they blend peacefully into our family. “

Professional Life

We enjoy our time at Penta, yet we are professional, our motto is that we work hard but we play just as hard. In penta-b you will have a comfortable professional life. Let’s understand first how penta-b is structured. We have a dynamic effective organizational structure, where the teams exchange their output in order to achieve as smooth a delivery as possible. Our management staff assures that such structure provides staff improvement and regular smooth delivery. We have three main business lines.

We Have A Career Path

We have a career path, organization mentors and technical competencies to help you find your way. Each position starts with associate position, going through the position itself, then moving into Senior, Principal, Lead, Expert then Consultant. We make it as clear as can be for you from day one how can you move horizontally and vertically. [make a graph or something to show that] Let us now understand the different positions and your career path inside penta-b

Positions at Penta-b

We Work Hard And We Play Hard, We enjoy our time at Penta, yet we are professional. We work hard and we play hard. In penta-b you will have a comfortable professional life.

Product Owners

They make business referrals and are responsible for translating our customers’ dreams into something our team can understand, they are responsible for the delivery of the software and for coordinating the team activities.

GIS Analyst

The GIS guru and the one doing all the advanced GIS magic. They are responsible for the geo-database modeling & design, advanced QGIS missions, GeoServer missions and bringing life to our content.

Quality Control

QC is responsible for maintaining our prestige towards our customers and for the assurance of our products stability, security, performance and backward compatibility.

Integration & Engagement Engineer

This is a very key position. You are the one responsible for communicating externally in technical aspects and responsible for the integration, design and technical engagement activities between our teams and our partners’ or customers’ teams.


Trainers are our ambassadors and our stars. Trainers are those responsible for spreading out the culture of open source and how effective it is to use it over other proprietary software. They also find challenge in consuming the training time of our products since our products are so easy to use.

Infrastructure Engineer

Those are the guys sitting all the day in front of black screens typing a lot of things to administrate Linux, Docker, Network, Clusters, Monitor servers and so on.

Solution Engineers

If you don’t see your future as a developer and are thinking of exploring other professions such as quality control, business analysis, system implementations and support, the solution engineer position is perfect for you.


Developers are responsible for development, not coding. We don’t care what programming language you master; we only care about how you think, how you develop and how you design your software.

UI & UX designer

UI & UX designers are responsible for designing our products, studying our users ( Personas ), and making our users usable, useful, and desirable.

Technical Life

We are very passionate about what we do; that’s why we’re dedicated to what we develop and we deliver with the latest technology. We develop with Java, Spring Boot, Redux, React, Python, Ionic, We use lots of open-source technologies like Kafka, STORM, Drools, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Keycloak, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, Grass, Apache, Elasticsearch, Cesium.

For security we perform security testing, we use Keycloak, SSL and our products comply with OAuth2 and OpenID standards. We implement Proxy and Reverse Proxy. Global authorization & Local authorization techniques are followed. We comply with standards as ISO, INSPIRE, OGC, OpenID, OAuth2, BPMN, CMMN and DMN.

Our products and deliveries follow container-based architecture; our DevOps team designs, implements, operates, and maintains our pipelines; while our infrastructure team executes the customers’ deliveries. Take a look at our pipelines.