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Maps & Apps

MNA is a complete ECO system where your data, users & tools reside and gives you the ability to cook your own applications for the web and mobile in a matter of seconds. MNA helps you decide who can do what using which data and helps your organization users collaborate and exchange data easily.

MNA manages the security of your data on the API level, application level and data consumption level. Maps & Apps is multi-lingual, Multi-tenant, Extendible, Scalable and performance killer.

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The magic of MNA comes from its ability to act as a heterogeneous ingredients host where ingredients such as plugins, spatial and non-spatial content and layouts reside in the same hub to help the users cook applications easily. All such ingredients share the same security model, configuration framework, localization capabilities seamlessly. MNA supports spatial content from different technology stacks such as OGC, ESRI and supports plugins relying on different technical base such as HERE plugins, ESRI plugins and open source plugins. All collaborating and working smoothly in the same user interface. Where the users can have one application with one interface mashing up those data sources on the same map, fledged with the user chosen plugins.

Enterprise Edition

MNA enterprise edition which targets governmental and private sector as well and includes the enterprise needs in terms of tools and data support as well as the ability to link and integrate GIS with other enterprise systems. MNA enterprise edition bundles the data from different GIS sources and links them with documents & other relational data sources into one single interface with lots of capabilities and provides content management multi-lingual secure portal

Guardian Edition

MNA guardian edition is mostly concerned about security and data maintainability, MNA adds a GIS data guardian and monitoring layer to your GIS servers where you can manage permissions, coded lists and localizations on many levels. So, MNA is not only improving the security of your valuable GIS data, but also defining new levels of security that never took place before. MNA is also utilizing the efforts and resources you accommodate to maintain the hundreds of layers you have in your organization by helping you only publish once, and give access to as many other users as you want in a governed model. MNA saves your time, maximizes your ROI and utilizes your resources.

Cloud Edition

MNA Cloud edition which is branded under the name Maps&Apps and is basically a market place for maps, layouts, plugins to help the users contribute easily to provide the ability for others to build enterprise level applications in simple steps.

Smart Edition

MNA SMART edition adds the real-time data dimension as well as the 3D dimension to the enterprise edition. SMART edition has all the capabilities of the enterprise in addition to the ability to mesh real-time tens of thousands of readings and links them with the fixed enterprise assets. Click here to know more. (Redirect to PinPack product website – SMART section)