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Land Management

Land management is one of the main industries that heavily depend on GIS and automation, GIS and automation can be used in managing the different transactions related to the land and land administration life cycle.

Smart cities

SMART cities require SMART GIS where not only assets data need to be location presented; but also, the real-time readings of the different SMART components to be recognized, visualized and processed to help the city monitoring and control.


Health sector utilizes GIS for the purposes of distribution of its facilities and services to the citizens and also in crisis management. It can add value by early diagnosing diseases distributions and predictions, preventions and diseases siege, planning and critical time management and it can also help the citizens by recognizing the different healthy services that can save lives.


Utilities utilize GIS in allocating the underground assets of electricity, water, sewage, gas, thermal and telecom correctly on the maps and thus using such information for the daily operations, expansions planning and mission critical decision making.


Government sector is one of the biggest sectors that utilize GIS & automation in terms of locating their governmental assets, aid in planning and decision making. GIS helps to improve the quality of life of citizens and in cost saving forms.


Educational sector recognizes GIS & Automation as one of its main assets starting from planning for educational facilities locations up to enhancement of distribution of provided services. 3D GIS also provides enhanced insights to the buildings.


Census industry does everything utilizing GIS. Census is about data and figures. Locating such data on the maps provides decision makers with analytical capabilities and un-recognized decision-making insights.


Municipalities can utilize GIS in all its departments and especially in the citizen engagements scenarios. GIS help municipalities make better cost-effective planning.


GIS & Automation play an important role in the assurance of distribution and compliances of tourism facilities as well as the different business processes management


GIS plays vital role in military starting for terrain analysis and identification, mission planning, and war games. We have existing success stories in this area and we have a lot of use cases. Contact us to know more about what we can offer.


Environmental main asset is the location; location plays a vital role in the environmental related organizations by visualizing all environmental related information on map. GIS also help in monitoring climate change and predicting the future impacts.


Telecom is one of the enterprise industries where GIS is a must, GIS adds value to telecom industry by supporting in the planning processes, maintenance, operations and decision making.

Home Land Security

Home land security is one of the industries where locations can save lives; when we think about SMART GIS and SMART emergency management systems, that takes the industry to such a new level.


Real-estate industry is mainly location-based assets and a life cycle to such assets; this where GIS & Automation excel. Real-estate is one of the booming industries worldwide, GIS can play a vital role in such area by providing early planning to the new projects, can support in sales and marketing activities, can support in maintenance, can support in operations.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas industry work on valuable goods and have valuable assets; GIS adds value to Oil & Gas industry in lots of aspects.


Effective agriculture involves accurate planning and monitoring as well; governments invest a lot in the agricultural land identification and registering in order to have an actual eye on the market artifacts in order to help in supply & demand analysis.


GIS plays an important role in the field of transportation by providing the necessary tools for transportation different sectors such as aviation, highways, public transit, logistics, ports and rail ways. Automation also plays an important role in the regulations & automation of transportation agencies processes.


FMCG industry is rapidly growing and more concerned about consumer behavior; an important aspect of the consumers is the location management of the customers and the supply chain itself. Automation also saves a lot of money.