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Penta Business Process Modeler (PBPM) is business process management suite enabling your organization with the automation capabilities in user friendly management suite. PBPM is BPMN 2.0, CMMN 1.1 and DMN 1.3 standards compliant, PBPM embeds an enterprise open source dynamic workflow engine where Penta-b has developed an advanced tier on top.

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PBPM is multi-tenant which you can use for the design of multiple projects, each project with multiple processes. PBPM helps you easily design your workflow using drag & drop tools from PBPM designer ribbon and helps you specify each process information & configuration.
PBPM helps you design your process tasks, design each task forms using Penta SMART forms designer that is extendible and handles tens of options of fields. And bundles SMART attachments builder.

PBPM also embeds PinHub inside its components as a core component and adds the location awareness and values to your workflows. PBPM also includes an assignment engine and an escalation engine. PBPM is also shipped with scalable notification system and an offline / online field mobile workflow client to help you link your field force with your office team.

PBPM tracks your processes and provides aggregated analytics to each manager as per your defined organization structure. PBPM also includes its reporting engine that helps you design and print any reports from your workflow data. PBPM is secure and follows oAuth2 standards and integrates with identify management servers.