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Penta SMART Incident management is an emergency and non-emergency management system that combines three main aspects into one box. IoT, GIS & Computer Aided Dispatching Systems (CAD). PSIM is not an advanced CAD nor an advanced IoT platform. Yet a unique mix in a layer in the middle to help you manage your response to the emergency and non-emergency incidents at the same platform while your IoT, GIS and dispatching capabilities are all into one system.

PSIM is developed on top of PBPM & MNA, so it has the good of both; PSIM utilizes MNA to make use of its GIS advanced capabilities and field force applications and also utilizes PBPM to design business processes for the different SOPs.

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PSIM includes a call taker system where triggers from different sources are aggregated, correlated on the sport using both spatial and non-spatial criteria. PSIM also includes a resource management system where you can manage your fixed and moving assets information and states. PSIM also includes a mobile data terminal (MDT for your moving vehicles and a SMART personnel mobile app for your field personnel).

PSIM also has its two wide screen dispatching system where the business role based SOPs are being triggered. Such SOPs orchestrate the flow between the dispatcher and other departments if we have business process SOP and also the field force.
PSIM can handle non-emergency incidents that take months of handshaking and communications inter departmental and can also handle emergencies that need actions in seconds