Due to our experience, realization to world real problems, and our certainty that GIS is always the solution, We provide a complete set of industry flavored solutions for different areas, Penta-b possesses domain-specific competencies and broad technological expertise across various industries; in Government, Telecom, Municipalities, Real-Estate, Health, Facility management, Retail, Utilities, Banking, Transportation, Environmental, Tracking, Tourism and decision support.
GIS adds value to facility management industry by securing lives, saving money and saving space, GIS can be used in a lot of activities within facility management by providing accurate and early planning for infrastructure, maintenance, operations and monitoring.
Penta-b can help in:
  • Design, manage and utilize your buildings
  • Data sharing and work automation
  • Information integrity
  • Plan and manage facilities security and safety
  • Maintenance and work order management
  • Decision making
Telecom is one of the enterprise industries were GIS is a must, GIS adds value to telecom industry by supporting in the planning processes, maintenance, operations and decision making.
Penta-b can help in :
  • Customer care and support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cells operations and control
  • Monitoring
  • Data sharing and management
  • Decision making
Land management is one of the main industries that heavily depend on GIS, GIS can be used in managing the different transactions related to the land and land administration life cycle.
Penta-b can help in:
  • Design, manage and utilize your buildings
  • Data sharing and work automation
  • Information integrity
  • Plan and manage facilities security and safety
  • Maintenance and work order management
  • Decision making
Government sector is one of the sectors where GIS has a huge potential, GIS helps in cost savings, increased accuracy and better decision making.
Penta-b can help in a lot of aspects such as:
  • Governmental internal work and planning
  • Infrastructure and facilities planning
  • Disseminating information to the public
  • Elections
  • Law enforcement
  • Assessor's office
GIS plays an important role in the field of public health, When health industry relies on GIS, it can add value by early recognizing diseases distributions and predictions, preventions and diseases siege, planning and critical time management and it can also help the citizens by recognizing the different healthy services that can save lives.
Penta-b can help in:
  • Health related data analysis
  • Emergencies management
  • Planning
  • Public safety
  • Emergency units routing and planning
  • Decision making
Real estate is one of the booming industries worldwide, GIS can play a vital role in such area by providing early planning to the new projects, can support in sales and marketing activities, can support in maintenance, can support in operations, in the industry of real estate, GIS can save money, increase accuracy and saves time.
Penta-b can help in:
  • Investment analysis
  • Map-based content management
  • Data integration and sharing
  • Geographic dimension to properties
  • Infrastructure planning and operations
  • Parcels' diagrams automatic and accurate generation and printing
  • Decision making
Banking is a growing industry in the field of GIS, Banking is not just about management of money, the most important asset in banking is the customers, GIS can help the banking industry by retaining customers and attracting new customers, using GIS along with demographics can help banking industry recognize their potentials and areas of interest, it can help in planning and distribution of banking services and can heavily increase sales and marketing.
Penta-b can provide diversity of services to banking industry such as:
  • Risk management
  • Customers interaction
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Economic forecasts
  • Decision making
GIS plays an important role in the utilities industry as it is the core for different utilities sectors such as Gas pipelines, electricity, water and waste water. GIS add value because it makes it easier and more effective in the different areas in the utilities industry by.
  • Data sharing and management
  • Monitoring and emergencies early detection
  • Assets management
  • Enhance network maps and business information
  • Access business data
  • Integrate work orders
  • Model, measure, and visualize issues with planning and engineering
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer care
  • Decision making
Retail is all about location, understanding the market from the geography perspective increase revenue and reduces cost, GIS plays a vital role in the retail industry by providing the location related information for both the services and customers, understanding the geographic distribution of goods and customers helps in focusing directions towards specific directions.
Penta-b can provide:
  • Effective planning and analysis
  • Geo-marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Data and asset management
  • Awareness and enterprise use
  • Decision making
GIS plays an important role in the field of transportation by providing the necessary tools for transportation different sectors such as aviation, highways, public transit, logistics, ports and rail ways.
Penta-b can provide a lot of services in the transportation industry such as:
  • Planning
  • Asset management
  • Patterns recognitions and forecasting
  • Monitoring and workflows automation
  • Safety and security
  • Fleet management
  • Scheduling, routing and distributions
  • Decision making
Environmental main asset is the location, location plays a vital role in the environmental related organizations by visualizing all environmental related information on map.
Penta-b provides the necessary tools for:
  • Data analysis, modeling, recognition and forecasting
  • Measuring change in environmental life
  • Monitoring different factors and early detection to threats
  • Decision making
Decision making is all about information and visualization of such information, GIS adds the geographic dimension to the organization information and visualizes information on maps, Integrating business information with geographic information on the map and performing data analysis gives a clear view of the whole picture and yet directs to better decision making.
Penta-b can add value through:
  • Integrating different data sources in one map view
  • Data analysis and modeling to provide a clear picture
  • Map charts, thematic mapping and density maps
  • Geographic dashboard

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