All your geo needs, just in one pack. P-inPack and the First Arabian Manufactured GIS product

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PinPack Overview

PinPack is a complete ECO system that helps you in GIS data gathering and collection, data exploration, converting that data into meaningful information and in decision making. PinPack is a complete integrated solution that bundles three main products to help you achieve your goals, PinPack is the combination of Penta-b state of the art out-of-the-box products “PinCollector”, “PinHub” , “PinTimeMachine” and “PinBoard” integrated in one complete solution and cooperating together.Each of the four products can operate alone, PinPack helps you build a complete integrated and connected system that starts with the data collection and quality procedures, data exploration and previewing and ending up into decision making.

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PinPack Features

ECO System that combines PinField, PinHub, PinBoard and PinTimeMachine where it helps you take your data to the field
Full localization package
Multi-lingual with native support to Arabic and English
An Arabian invention
First product manufactured in Arabian world, real product
Advanced permissions & security
Full support to secured data & permissions that go up to the level of data and field
Fully configurable and extendible
No coding is needed, configuration covers almost everything you need & easy to maintain and extend
Quick win
Have your ECO system up and running in three months
Professional support
Professional and flexible support packages

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