Web & mobile geo-hub that connects your GIS data to the non-GIS data in other systems in one single interface along with rich tools of web mapping, searching, reporting and data management. Using the smart permissions tools, you can link your users to their designated data.

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PinHub Overview

Any Organization that owns GIS data has wishes to preview and explore such data interactively and effectively, that data is the turnkey and paramount point in any organization, Such organizations demand some sort of mapping solution that enables their users to explore that GIS data in an easy and interactive fancy way to emerge all the effort and the value of that data. Sometimes it is also very important for organizations to provide an interface for the public users or to the other interested stakeholder organizations to explore that GIS data, it is also as important as that, to secure that data and ensure the authorized access to the data. Based on that fact and on the demand of having such mapping solution in a quick, easy and manageable way, Penta-b has decided to take that responsibility and provide an out-of-the-box configurable product to bundle the typical geo-related functionalities in one single interface, A plug and play solution, Penta-b has the honor to provide its state of the art mapping product, directly from Penta-b labs, PinHub .


Linking GIS data with other datasources

The uniqueness of PinHub comes from its ability to link the GIS data with other data sources, whether these data sources are tabular data existing in simple or complex systems or file based data sources.


Most common geo-enabled functionalities

PinHub effectively bundles the most commonly used geo-enabled functionalities that you may require for data navigation and exploration along with rich querying and searching tools and an effective reporting engine to help you generate the different reports dynamically..

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PinHub Features

PinHub is an easy to use, interactive web and mobile based product that provides the necessary tools required to explore and preview the GIS data owned by your organization, whether your organization users are your departments users or public users and agencies, PinHub will link your distributed GIS data with its related tabular data that exists in the different systems along with the related files and documents into one single easy to use, interactive and secured interface, supporting web and mobile will encourage users to explore the data from their laptops, mobile phones and tablets..

Mobilize & web enable your GIS data
  • Web and mobile interface developed in HTML5 and Native mobile development
  • Bring your GIS data and its related data to the web
  • Mobile apps on the market
Bring the right information to the right user
  • Authorize whoever you want to whatever you decide
  • Authorize tools and data to different departments
New 3D mapping experience
  • Explore your GIS data in 2D, Oblique & 3D
  • Utilize PinHub capabilities in fascinating performance in 3D web & mobile.
Geo-Hub for your GIS & non-GIS data
  • One hub that connects your GIS data with its related relational information in other systems in one single interface
  • Make use of P-inCore tools in exploring, searching, reporting and managing you GIS & non-GIS data
You will find what you need
  • No way to miss something, P-inCore provides Lots of searching tools
  • Simple tabular and spatial search
  • Combined and complex searches
Advanced GIS data management
  • Data management is easier than you can imagine
  • Advanced data management to GIS & non-GIS data
  • CAD and ESRI files import & export
Reporting as it has never been
  • Design your own templates and print your data easily
  • Assign templates to data and users
  • Variety in templates and report designs
  • Smart reporting engine that automatically prints anything in the application in one single click

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PinHub bundles the typical geo-related functionalities needed for GIS data exploration and preview, in an easy to use web and mobile interfaces. It is time to have your geo-hub, time to buy PinHub.


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