Tablet based data collection, update and inspection app that offline takes your GIS and non-GIS data to the field with intuitive data collection forms and self-auditing mechanism to spatially and tabular validate your data on site.

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PinCollector Overview

PinCollector is a readymade, easy to use mobile based product that operates on smart phones and tablets, PinCollector makes data collection process easier, more efficient, with lower cost and time by providing online/offline data collection capabilities to both geographic and tabular information and relates that information to captured photos and videos, data entry process is audited by PinCollector as it enforces predefined business and spatial validations on the data through the dynamic system configuration.


Operates through dynamic system configuration

PinCollector operates through dynamic system configurations, such configurations makes the PinCollector varying in its purposes dramatically, it can be configured to be a light weight GIS citizen reporting mobile application existing on the market that reports road incidents for instance, or it can be configured to provide an advanced GIS field survey application.


Tracking your workers is easier than before

PinCollector logs the field workers locations and collection process timing, so that supervisors can monitor their team and ensure that the team members are performing their jobs in the right place and right time, Also being Multi-lingual and enabling user interface customization, gives an infinite capabilities to you.

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PinCollector Features

PinCollector operates through dynamic system configurations, such configurations makes the PinCollector varying in its purposes dramatically. Through that configuration, system administrator can determine the collection process geographic boundaries, data layers, attributes and define the different data quality rules.

Cut cost 60% of data collection expenses
  • Un-centralize the management of the centralized geo-database.
  • No need to take GPS, paper forms and camera to the field, all in one app
  • Save salaries and hire Android background team rather than survey background team
  • No office rework, less audits and offline capabilities
Less audits with higher quality
  • No hand writing or office rework, design your own data templates and collect it in the field
  • Spatial and tabular validation on site
  • Simple topology rules on site
  • Conflict detection and versions management
Easy to use
  • No need to hire survey background team
  • Interactive help and guides
  • Best user experience in the market
GIS field data production
  • Collect spatial and tabular information on site whether online or offline
  • Photos and videos attachments
Field inspection
  • Inspect your data on site
  • Immediate updates to GIS & Non-GIS data
  • Data auditing and review checklists
Public citizen reporting
  • Simple mobile apps on the market for public citizen reporting
  • Geo-enable citizens reporting processes
Keep your data up to date
  • Take your data to the field and update it once
  • Automatic synchronization with the centralized geo-database
Make sure your team is on the right place and at the right time
  • Field force management admin
  • Automatic download to the Area of Interest and the data collection templates
  • P-inField ensures data collection procedures take place on the right location
  • Field force tracking
Bring your non-GIS data to the field
  • Take the data in your GIS and its related data in other relational systems to the field
  • Collection and updates to both GIS and non-GIS data

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PinCollector offers offline data collection capabilities to both geographic and tabular data, PinCollector manages the GIS features geometry, attributes and allows linking photos and videos to such features.


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