GIS web based application that spatially aggregates your GIS data and its related non-GIS data in other systems into one single repository where it provides rich interface for the different analysis and patterns deriving. Using the advanced mapping and charting analysis to the archived data brings new insight to your data.

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PinBoard Overview

PinBoard is an out-the-box plug and play, easy to use web based data aggregator and analyzer that requires no development or coding to turn your data into information, PinBoard is based on dynamic configurations that completely manage and control the content and behavior, PinBoard is simply a Dashboard that effectively bundles all the geo-related data analysis and aggregation methodologies into one interface without the need to perform coding or development to roll-out. It is designed to help any organization at any scale.


Consolidates different data sources into one repository

PinBoard derives statistics, measures and KPIs from the raw data, PinBoard takes your derived information to the next level by providing the necessary tools to perform on the fly data analysis and information visualization into meaningful charts, map analysis, measures and tabular information.


PinBoard encourages data collaboration and sharing

PinBoard is designed usable taking into consideration the different usability factors and supports tablets for decision makers, PinBoard encourages data collaboration and sharing, users can share their findings with other users. being Multi-lingual and enabling user interface customization, gives an infinite capabilities to you.

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PinBoard helps you differentiate your data within different time frames and contexts, aggregates the information belonging to the lower GIS levels over the higher geographic boundaries to provide meaningful high level view of the information, PinBoard helps you drill down specific feature information to realize the origin of the information or to sum up information into higher geographic boundaries.
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PinBoard Features

PinBoard is all about information, PinBoard is the solution to turn your raw data into meaningful information - that helps decision makers perform their jobs with higher efficiency, accuracy and in competitive time frames. PinBoard has the ability to geo-enable your non-GIS data by injecting the geographic dimension to the non-GIS data to convert it into meaningful maps, PinBoard reveals the impact of historical data by providing different time related analysis and performs different GIS and tabular data analysis to both GIS and non-GIS data.

Geo-project your data
  • Bring the geographic dimension to the non-GIS data
  • Spatial aggregation to non-GIS data
Convert data into meaningful information
  • Whether your scattered data is structured or not structured, PinBoard will convert it into meaningful information
  • Build your own KPIs and calculated fields
  • Correlate the different data and derive patterns
  • Runtime analysis to the data
Historical data analysis
  • If your data in billions, PinBoard engine will spatially aggregate your data
All your organization summary in one view
  • One view for the top management for the overall organization behavior in one single click
  • Runtime analysis and information correlation
  • Having a higher overview on your organization performance is the easiest with PinBoard
Not an aggregation, Geo-Aggregation
  • Not just an aggregation, Geo-aggregation provides the spatial aggregation to the relational information and brings an insight to your data from higher geographic perspective
  • Correlate your data with demographics and other statistics
  • Historical and Archival analysis to the data
Look into your archive geographically
  • Analyzing your historical data in geographic and time fashion manner provides real indicator on the organization progress
  • Deep and historical insights on your data with the smart drill down and sum up features
Derive patterns & analyze your data in runtime
  • Full support to define your own KPIs
  • PinBoard analysis capabilities helps you derive patterns and tune your vision
  • Choosing your data, correlated data and aggregation methods in runtime, ensures you are going on the right direction
  • Not gadgets, geo-gadgets
  • Advanced mapping, tabular, charting analysis and gauges
  • Historical data analysis

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PinBoard is not only GIS dashboard; PinBoard helps you define your own KPIs from scattered systems and aggregates it on-the-fly empowering you with lots of mapping, charting, tabular and historical analysis.


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