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Being a member of the corporate world, we embrace corporate citizenship and aspire to put our assets and credentials at the service of the community and the world at large. As an emerging company, Penta-b is exploring socially responsible best practices and considering the potentials of GIS in the framework of social empowerment. With our experience and expertise, we hope we can contribute to the welfare of the universe and leave our mark worldwide. If you have a valuable proposition that could help the community or the world, contact us

Penta-b is a new emerging company establishing itself as products and subcontracting services provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) throughout the Middle East and Africa. With inspired and dedicated GIS teams and Software experts, Penta-b provides high-quality solutions and products that are functional, cost effective and well supported. Penta-b aims to assist corporates and learn more

Penta-b is providing a wide range of services to its clients to cover anything needed to get the work done perfectly, We provide software subcontracting services, products development, GIS business projected solutions, requirements identification and gathering, Geo-database design, modeling and development, Software testing and Application support. learn more

We believe in two main concepts, Customers’ Satisfaction and Employees’ Satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction comes from exceeding customers’ expectations by providing exceptional quality services using the most up to date technologies in short delivery time with competitive prices. we are the customer consultant, not contractor and we stick to commitment. Penta-b seeks to be learn more

Winning the leadership of products development is Penta-b competitive edge. Penta-b empowers its clients with its ready-made state-of-the-art products, Directly from Penta-b labs, P-Mapping. P-Mapping consolidates all the data management activities into one integrated ECO system starting from data collection, quality control, exploration up to data analysis and decision making. learn more

Our Team

Our attitude towards our employees follows our belief that people are our principal asset. We practice what we preach, consequently; why we give precedence to building

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Penta-b possesses domain-specific competencies and broad technological expertise across various industries: Government, Telecom, Municipalities, Real-Estate, Health,

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Our Technologies and Services

innovative solutions and services are the most flexible and scalable. We seek being recognized throughout the industry

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Why Choose Penta-b?

We act as your partner; we are your consultant not contractor. We advance the industry and the technology.

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