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  • 23/24 Apr 2017 : Penta-b will exhibit in GeomaticsEgy.
  • 28/29 Mar 2017 : Penta-b launches its Geo-Cloudera (GIS Cloud).
  • Jan 2017 : Penta-b doubles its support team forces.
  • 27/30 Nov 2016 : Penta-b, Open source, Cairo ICT; a journey to enjoy.
  • 16/30 Oct 2016 : Penta-b and the 3D GIS in gitex 2016.
Penta-b is the first exhibitor and the diamond sponsor of GeomaticsEgy, the biggest GIS conference and exhibition in Egypt, and plans to introduce two surprises to the visitors; get ready for the surprises.


We innovate, up to date and have diversity of business know-how, we ensure our customers are always ahead of competition in all terms and make it easier for them to win competition by providing:

  • Latest technologies
  • High quality services
  • Shorter service delivery
  • Safety and confidentiality of our customers
  • Competitive prices
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Professional Services

Professional services line in Penta-b leverages a range of solutions to enhance GIS industry and encourage best practices; We first innovate in our offerings, wear the hat of your consultant not your contractor and then we profession in delivery.
Penta-b provides tailored solutions development, Consultation services, Training & Support services for a multitude of GIS industries. We provide the personal commitment and expertise you need to ensure success of your projects

If you are looking for innovation, smooth deliveries and a partner to stand by you, not someone who sells licenses; Penta-b is your preferred choice.

Geodatabase Modeling & Design

Web Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development

Training & Support

GIS Products Vendor

Winning the leadership of products development is Penta-b competitive edge. Penta-b empowers its clients with its ready-made state-of-the-art products, Directly from Penta-b labs, PinPack.
PinPack consolidates all the data management activities into one integrated ECO system starting from data collection, quality control, exploration up to data analysis and decision making in an easy to use configurable platform.
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PinPacks delivers a complete GIS cycle of your geo needs, starting from field related activities; going through web mapping and ending up with decision making and geo machine learning predictive analysis. PinPack is multilingual and is shipped with Arabic/English support and seamlessly integrates your GIS data with your non-GIS structured or non-structured data into one system and makes it available for mobility, web mapping and dashboarding.

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Make Your Field Work Smarter by using PinCollector. Reduce or even replace your reliance on paper. With PinCollector, Put everything on the map (images, video, GIS & non GIS data) using your smartphone. Intuitive online/offline data collection forms and self-auditing mechanism to spatially and tabular validate your data on field. Stay tuned of your field operations by monitoring your fieldforce.

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Explore, preview, analyze, link and understand distributed geospatial data, and ultimately deliver, present and share usable information on 2D/3D web mapping in the same interface, Utilize the searching, analysis, reporting and data management for your GIS & non-GIS data. Manage your data more efficiently & securely by specifying advanced permission to operation & tools to link your users to their designated data.

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Gain insights of your business & answer key business questions by spatially aggregating and analyzing all your GIS & Non-GIS data. Utilize the advanced mapping, charting & historical data analysis for decision makers to derive patterns & create future plans.
Respond Faster In Crucial Situations With PinBoard.

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The first of a kind GIS machine learning data blender that automatically detects your non-related data patterns and utilizes such patterns to predict your future behavior, PinTimeMachine predicts your future behavior with 80% accuracy from non related GIS data.


How can we help you?

We act as your partner, your consultant not your contractor. We bring up the industry and the technology. We bring state of the art solutions with the latest technology in shorter service delivery time providing exceptional values in competitive prices.

  • Land Management
  • SDIs
  • Telecom
  • Decision Support
  • Government
  • Health
  • Tourism & Heritage
  • G2C
  • Governmental Automation
  • Integrations
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Why our Apps

Penta-b has chosen leadership as its broad positioning. We build and maintain a highly-skilled team through continuous training and ongoing research and development. We always keep an eye of the world's latest technologies. Penta-b provides state-of-the-art solutions based on the latest technologies; we utilize open source free engines to let you focus on your business investments rather than your commercial licenses renewals

Our valuable clients

Penta-b is a leader GIS professional services provider in Middle-East and Africa and has successfully delivered & implemented many GIS enterprise solutions. Check out our main success cases and what our clients say.

Our team

Penta-b is backed by a dedicated team of GIS teams and Software experts to provide innovative high-quality solutions and products that address your every need. Meet Our Creative, Dedicated & Qualified Penta-b Professionals.
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